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Free ATM Processing with No Miscellaneous Fees.

You will receive 100% of your ATM processing surcharge income without the misc. deductions that other ATM companies like to charge. We offer complete ATM network coverage, from VISA & MasterCard, Star network and the Cirrus network.

  • FREE - ATM Transaction Processing
  • FREE - ATM Deposit Processing
  • FREE - ATM Network Access
  • FREE - Receipt Paper
  • FREE - Monthly Statements
  • FREE - Network Online Reports

Let us show you how to make more money by processing your ATM transactions with us.

Free Daily Deposits of Vault Cash (Cash Withdrawn From ATM)
No more waiting for your ATM vault cash to be deposited. ATM For Us Inc will make sure your ATM vault cash will be deposited on a daily basis as it is withdrawn from your ATM. By doing so, it ensures that you will need a smaller amount of vault cash on hand to keep your ATM running smooth.

Free Online Reporting - Web Based – Real Time
ATM For Us Inc offers free real-time web based reporting for every ATM you process with us. With online reporting, you will be able to see and track each and every transaction as it happens from any computer in the world. Web based reporting also offers you the ability to run reports such as low cash alerts, monthly activity, projected trends, yearly recaps and many more.