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We supply ATM repair services for all 50 states. ATM For Us Inc provides parts and maintenance to hundreds of merchants around the country. To get started, please submit an ATM repair services request form. In the comments section of the repair form, please describe the issue you are currently having with your ATM. Once submitted, you will be contacted by one of our skilled ATM service technicians.



90% of all repair requests can be fixed by speaking with one of our technicians on the phone.

Are you unhappy with your current ATM company?

If you are having recurring service and performance issues with your current ATM company, please call us. We pride ourselves in being one the best ATM companies in the country by paying on time, responding on time, and making sure our ATMs never run out of cash. All which are needed to ensure a painless and profitable ATM experience.


To get started, please email: or call us at our sales department below.